Monday, January 12, 2015

100 Days

Hello Again!

I can’t believe it, but I passed the hundred day mark on the mission already. So again I’m sorry, but the weeks are kind of the same right now. We are looking and searching for people that we can teach and continuing to work with less actives. 

A very cool experience that happened though this week came while doing just that. Elder Mendez and I had been tracking down Less Actives and either none were home or still lived in the addresses. We were both pretty bummed out and then decided we should both pray. We returned to the apartment and once we finished we left for the next house and again nothing, but I saw a man and waved to him in his house. Elder Mendez then said that we should contact him. He then let us into his home and it turns out that he and his family are all members except his youngest daughter. We felt so good that we were led to this family and because of it were are teaching this family and their daughter. The Lord really does hear our prayers, but he also knows when it’s the right time and the right place. I was really glad to see this small experience in my week, and I think that I can contribute it a little to the fact that when were are truly and fully obedient and striving to do better that the Lord is bound to bless us. The rest of the week has been a blur right now Elder Mendez and I are solely focusing on finding people and working with the members to find people. Missionary Work couldn’t be done without the missionaries, but it’s almost impossible without the help of members. 

So my short message this week is what I talked about last week. So if you remember I talked about being obedient to the Lords commandments. The truth I’m not perfect and nor do I think I ever will be. Sometimes when we realize this we get brought down and think well if I’m not ever going to be perfect is there anything that I can even do or maybe we just want to give up sometimes, but that’s the wrong thing to do. For the time I’ve had hear these thoughts were in my head for a little bit and I thought well maybe I’m not being obedient enough and that’s why we haven’t taught a ton or maybe the people just don’t want to hear us so they avoid us. I now think about these thoughts and I probably should have been more positive, because the truth of the matter is completely opposite. If we are doing everything we can to be obedient, but forgetting to be positive in our work then that is what were are going to yield. If we think that this week is going to be great and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it great, the likely result is that it will be. If we think that it’s going to be an okay week we reap and okay week, and if we think poorly, well we get a poor week. Missionary work is all in the State of Mind as well as life. My message is this that we may both realize that our thoughts and actions lead us to our results and if we try to do the best we can then the results will follow. There’s a poem that I love and the last line is this, "It’s when things seem worse that you mustn't quit". Let your thoughts lead you to never give up and receive the rewards that you work and desire. I know that if it is Just that God and Jesus Christ will help us along the way. I testify of that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I Love You All,

Elder Perfili

"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"
"We’ll Be Underneath the Same Moon

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